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Happy Girls are the prettiest

  • Happy Girls Are The Prettiest!

    Happy girls are the prettiest….are they?

    Dostoevsky says "The beauty will save the world”, but will it save the world from the anti-happy wave hitting the streets of USA every day? More of the people I know take anti-depressants than not…what happened to them being pretty?
    Beauty gotta be relevant to your inner, emotional status quo. Real beauty comes from inside out, not outside in…it is genuine, sincere, spontaneous, authentic, doesn't need foundation unless you had too much fun the night before.
    But it appears some days beauty is shy, she is under the weather. Beauty resides in us on a permanent address, but do we sometimes forget to let her out the door?


    If happy girls are the prettiest, why do we spend fortune on make up, heels, eyelash extensions, botox, silicone? Happy is all you need, it is free, it is universal, it is portable, transportable, check in friendly and exist in exuberance in every shape, form, smell, sensation, touch, deep breath, laugh…
    Happy is what we need to be applying every morning instead of mascara, happy is in every sip of that flavorful morning coffee, it is also in that damn traffic jam that hits you on the way to work, when someone in the car next to you opens the window and plays a random song super loud for you.

    Delight is all around. Try to find one delightful thing a day at least. Sometimes you could allow the list to be much longer, and instead of reapplying lipstick 5 times a day, try reapplying happy. Stay busy being happy, not being too vein.
    We have all the resources to be pretty. Every day, every moment. Unleash that happy in you, if you wish to be truly amazing.


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