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Our Story

Our Philosophy

CUGGO was conceived with the vision to give you the looks that spark your imagination, underscore your individuality, boost your confidence and provoke attention. We want you to feel exhilarated every time you walk out the door wearing a CUGGO outfit, knowing you look great before anybody tells you and most importantly not caring if they don't!


 The Genesis of CUGGO

Growing up in Communist Bulgaria, I recall having to wear the same pair of jeans for days on end.  The Communist dictates of equality, privation and depersonalization discouraged any form of creative expression and any shred of individuality. Diyana GeorgievaBut ever the defiant souls, my friends and I found a way to expand our wardrobes by exchanging clothes and mixing outfits. It was our small way of defying sameness, or rebelling against the system.

The lifting of the Iron Curtain and the ensuing long, agonizing transition to democracy gave us the first real fashion magazines. I still remember clipping magazine pages for hours and admiring Claudia Schiffer and Christy Turlington. I trace the genesis of my personal style to that cataclysmic time. My style was being shaped virtually by Vogue and Vanity Fair. Only when I moved to USA did my style begin to take shape in reality. From scarcity to abundance! I spent all my money on clothes – all types of clothes, in obsession to build a solid wardrobe and more importantly my own style.

Today, I know that finding your personal style has nothing to do with magazine images or fashion dogmas. In fact, designer canons are the very antithesis of personal expression. Your style is the result of an internal evolution, a personal journey to finding yourself and your place in the world. 

Some clothes will take you back to your childhood, while others will reveal your inspirations and symbolize your growth, your personal milestones. Whatever your style, it never ceases to evolve — a constantly changing variable with recurrent themes, new motifs and novel interpretations of previous trends. Your style is as multi-dimensional and as complex as your personality, intellect and emotional life.

The CUGGO boutique selection embodies my personal journey with all its twists and turns from my very first pair of blue jeans to where I am today – a lover of good style and individuality. I have teamed up with a few exceptionally talented gals who possess a natural instinct for fashion – such that represents us, that relates to us in a meaningful way. We hope you enjoy our picks for you.

 With CUGGO, we hope you can discover an outfit—or ten—that speak to you and bring out your own style. We hope to become your fellow travelers on your journey to self-discovery and style realization.